ViziShot 2 EBUS-TBNA Needles

Endobronchial Ultrasound

ViziShot 2 EBUS-TBNA Needles

The Olympus EBUS-TBNA needle line has been used in countless procedures since Olympus first introduced EBUS-TBNA to the market over 15 years ago. Olympus has now expanded upon this proven history with the ViziShot 2 21, 22, and 25 gauge needles offering you better access due to improved flexibility, improved puncture capability thanks to a sharper needle, and enhanced usability with a green contrasting sheath and a more ergonomic handle.

Key Benefits

  • Better Access: Advanced needle design has improved flexibility, helping to support access to lymph node targets that can be difficult to reach with conventional needles.
  • Improved Puncturability: The backcut design of the ViziShot 2 provides a sharper needle, reducing puncture force required to sample even calcified lymph nodes.
  • Enhanced Usability: An ergonomic handle and improved bronchoscope adapter enables stability and precise puncture control throughout the procedure.
  • Enhanced Endoscopic Visibility: A newly designed green colored sheath provides excellent endoscopic visibility, contrasting sharply with adjacent mucosa, to ensure the needle can be deployed at the exact required location with minimal sheath movement.