Video Processor


The VISERA ELITE platform is the newest video processor and light source for endoscopic procedures across all surgical specialties, including General Surgery, Urology, Otolaryngology, Arthroscopy, and Gynecology. The VISERA ELITE is much more than a camera system. It is the world’s only video system that supports HD flexible videoscopes and HD camera heads from a single connection. With more than 30 combinations of videoscopes and camera heads, it provides unprecedented flexibility, full HD image quality, and surgeon-specific solutions to meet the needs of all surgical departments. VISERA ELITE is comprised of the OTV-S190 video processor and the CLV-S190 Xenon light source.

Key Benefits

  • Unprecedented flexibility and economy: One tower supports all surgical specialties and a wide range of videoscopes and camera heads with no extra software, upgrades, or support required. The system is fully backwards compatible with all previous generation scopes and camera heads. 
  • Proprietary technology: Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) comes standard with the system and can enhance the visibility of vascular structures without the use of dyes, drugs, or specialized equipment.
  • Easy integration: The system provides a wide range of SDTV and HDTV outputs, including HD-SDI and DVI for full 1080p video.
  • Improved CLV-S190 Xenon light source: The new light source povides one-touch access to HDTV and NBI and delivers brighter, more powerful imaging, reduced operating noise, and improved operability.


High Resolution: Next generation HD supports all new 10 mm multichip video laparoscopes and new 3CCD camera heads with improved image processing circuit.
Noise Reduction Function: Eliminates noise without quality deterioration; compares each pixel in the previous frame instead of averaging all the pixels in one frame; perfect picture clarity and resolution.
Stabilized Color Reproduction: Color variation between scopes is solved by an individual color correction system. 
Power Supply Voltage: 100 – 240 V AC; With +- 10%
Frequency: 50/60 Hz; within +- 3Hz
Consumption Electric Power: 150VA
Size Dimensions (W x H x D): 370 x 85 x 455 (standard) 383 x 91 x 489 (Maximum)
Weight: 8.8 Kg