Universal Ultrasound Processor for EBUS (EU-ME2)

Endobronchial Ultrasound

Universal Ultrasound Processor for EBUS (EU-ME2)

The EU-ME2 and EU-ME2 Premier Plus provide outstanding image quality, comparable to a large radiology processor, in a compact model.  This versatile system allows real-time visualization of the targeted area for precise sampling of lymph nodes and peripheral lesions.  It's unique design supports electronic and mechanical scanning for both curvilinear and radial EBUS in one compact box.
The EU-ME2 is forward and backward compatible with a wide range of Olympus EUS and EBUS scopes as well as ultrasound miniature probes. Since the processor is appropriate for gastroenterology, pulmonary and thoracic surgery departments, it offers healthcare facilities with a cost-effective resource that can be shared across specialties.


Key Benefits

  • Advanced visualization:  Enhanced features reduce noise and allow thorough observation with more detailed images, potentially providing easier identification of boundaries and recognition of tissue layers. 
  • Advanced versatility:  The EU-ME2 is fully compatible with a wide range of EBUS and EUS scopes and probes. With integrated electronic and mechanical scanning, the EU-ME2 supports both curvilinear and radial EBUS. 
  • Advanced functionality:  Features such as B-mode, High Resolution Flow and Pulse Wave Doppler expand available modes of observation, designed to assist in diagnosis and improved quality of care.