Turbinate Handpiece


Turbinate Handpiece

The Olympus Somnoplasty turbinate handpiece is designed to create predictable lesions in the inferior turbinates using temperature-controlled radio-frequency (TCRF) technology.

Key Benefits

  • For local injection, inject 1.5 – 3.0 mL per turbinate. Inject enough to "balloon out" the tissue submucosally.
  • Place electrode submucosally until 2 mm of the insulation is buried.

Patient Selection

  • Patients with nasal congestion and rhinorrhea associated with inferior turbinate hypertrophy who note favorable improvement in obstruction after a nasal decongestant spray test. 
  • Patients with nasal congestion due to a mildly deviated septum and nasal turbinate hypertrophy.
  • The sleep apnea patient who notes difficulty wearing a nasal CPAP mask because of increased nasal resistance.
  • Patients requiring a septoplasty, rhinoplasty, or functional endoscopic sinus surgery who also have turbinate hypertrophy.
  • Patients requiring adjunctive treatment for rhinitis medicamentosa (RM).


Control Unit Settings
Joules: 350 – 500
Temperature:  80°
Watts: 15