TJF-Q190V Duodenoscope


TJF-Q190V Duodenoscope

The TJF-Q190V is the newest generation of Olympus duodenoscope. This scope aligns with the FDA recommendation for the use of duodenoscopes with disposable components, featuring a single-use distal cover to facilitate and ease reprocessing.
The Olympus TJF-Q190V duodenoscope has maneuverability and imaging capabilities to help you serve your patients and get the answers they need. The TJF-Q190V utilizes a square image shape and 15°  backward viewing for expanded field of view and improving cannulation efficiency.  
The TJF-Q190V comes with a three year Premium Protection Plan. The Premium Protection Plan provides on-site reprocessing training from an Olympus Endoscope Support Specialist, and includes all routine repairs, as well as regular preventative maintenance. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), the Premium Protection Plan ensures each TJF-Q190V is always repaired to OEM specifications and maintains its reprocessing validation. Olympus Service Centers are FDA regulated and provide quick repair turnaround times and access to loaner scopes to support the uptime of your facility. 

Key Benefits

  • Single-Use Distal Cover: Allows for visualization and access of dital end for reprocessing
  • Distal-end Flushing Adaptor: Designed for directed flushing during manual cleaning
  • Improved Cannulation Efficiency: Square image shape and 15° backward viewing allow for expanded vertical field of view
  • High Force Transmission (HFT): HFT, the scope handling technology designed to improve scope responsiveness and ergonomics in 190-series colonoscopes, is now incorporated into the TJF-Q190V.
  • Waterproof One-touch Connector: 190-series scopes allow a one-step connection to the video system.