Advanced Energy


The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw was designed to bring the clinical advantages of THUNDERBEAT to precise open surgery. Due to the unique design, the THUNDERBEAT Fine Jaw is a highly versatile advanced energy device enabling precise dissection with reliable 7mm vessel sealing, immediate spot coagulation, secure grasping and best in class tissue cutting speeds for efficiency. 


Key Benefits

  • Reliable 7mm Sealing through groundbreaking hybrid energy - advanced bipolar and ultrasonic energy delivered simultaneously
  • Precise & Versatile In addition to delivering two forms of energy, the fine curved tip jaw is designed to act as a dissecting and grasping instrument fulfilling a variety of surgical needs with a single instrument for:
    • Precise tissue management through the finest tip design including fine dissection, cutting though the tip, blunt dissection and secure tip grasping,
    • and Immediate Spot Coagulation with Advanced Bipolar Energy the seal mode delivers advanced bipolar without the cutting effects of ultrasonic energy for immediate spot coagulation without instrument exchange and tissue impedance feedback.
  • Versatility to replace multiple instruments with a single handpiece contributing to efficiencies through reduced instrument usage & exchange, uninterrupted operative flow and reduced OR time.
  • Efficiency through hybrid energy The THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw provides up to 112% faster tissue cutting speeds.
  • Intelligent Tissue Monitoring, the only autostop system for ultrasonic-cutting energy devices that stops the energy output after transection, allowing for improved temperature management.
  • Minimal Thermal Spread In preclinical testing, the THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw provided an average lateral thermal spread of <2mm.