Stone Retrieval


The efficacy you want with the safety you need when removing biliary duct stones.  StoneMasterV lets you take on large stones.


Key Benefits

Endoscopic sphincterotomy plus endoscopic papillary dilation produces a higher rate of success and fewer complications when removing stones equal to or greater than 12mm.1,2

Other Benefits Include:

  • Eliminates Device Exchange:  The merging of sphincterotomy and papillary dilation methods eliminates the need for device exchange
  • Short-wire design: The only short wire dilation balloon on the market with a c-channel split for procedural efficiency
  • Optimized Dilation: The 4mm length balloon provides positional stability and inflates to 3 controlled dilation diameters 
References: 1. Kim JH, Yang MJ, Hwang JC, Yoo BM. Endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation for the removal of bile duct stones. World J Gasteroenterol. 2013;19(46):8580-8594. doi.10.3748/wjg.v19.i46.8580. 2. Rouquette O, Bommelaer G, Abergel A, Poincloux L. Large balloon dilation post endoscopic sphincterotomy in removal of difficult common bile duct stones: a literature review. World J Gastroenterol. 2014;20(24):7760-7766. doi.10.3748/wjg.v20.i24.7760.