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At Olympus, we know you are constantly challenged to do better. To do more. Often with less. That's why we developed the SONICBEAT ultrasonic portfolio. Created for vessels up to 5 mm, SONICBEAT strikes the optimal balance between performance and value – combining its ultrasonic energy with greater precision to help you maximize savings.
Precise and Efficient Dissection
Delivers faster, more precise dissection than Harmonic Ace+ and Sonicision, enabling enhanced fine dissection and easier blunt dissection*
Secure Grasping
With a tip grasping force up to 17 times stronger than other leading ultrasonic
devices, SONICBEAT reduces the need for an additional grasper due to its
revolutionary wiper jaw design*
Performance + Value
SONICBEAT balances strong clinical performance with operational and economic
efficiencies to help maximize savings and deliver cost-effective care*
Powered by the EPF-1 Surgical Tissue
Management System
Drive efficiencies through standardization to one generator that delivers monopolar, bipolar, advanced
bipolar, ultrasonic, and hybrid energy (multiple energies delivered simultaneously) meeting all of your
energy needs*

For detailed specification on SONICBEAT, please contact your local sales representative or customer
service for assistance.

* Data on File at Olympus
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EPF-1 Surgical Tissue Management System

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