RF Energy


Olympus Somnoplasty utilizes radio-frequency (RF) energy for the treatment of turbinates and the soft palate, base of tongue, and tonsils. It is a minimally invasive surgical technology that uses RF current to reduce tissue volume in a precise and controlled manner. Using a low power level and a low voltage, it generates low tissue temperatures to create the largest predictable lesions for the most effective, controlled outcomes. Somnoplasty technology is available in tongue, turbinate, and palate handpieces and is designed to work in combination with the G3 RF Workstation generator.

Key Benefits

  • Controlled energy: Somnoplasty delivers energy at a low power level and low voltage to generate low tissue temperatures. This technique creates lesions with minimal impact on surrounding tissues, making it appropriate for delicate areas.
  • Minimally invasive: As a minimally invasive technique, Somnoplasty may enhance patient comfort and outcomes.


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