ScopeGuide (UPD-3)

Endoscope Positioning System

ScopeGuide (UPD-3)

ScopeGuide UPD-3 is an exclusive Olympus technology designed to provide a real-time 3D image of the shape and position of the endoscope inside the body. It assists with finding the optimal location to apply abdominal pressure, eases scope insertion, and helps with early loop identification. The use of ScopeGuide during colonoscopies and single balloon enteroscopies may also lead to less patient discomfort.

How ScopeGuide Works:

The electromagnetic coils are built in along the length of the dedicated colonoscopes’* insertion tubes and the position detecting probe**.  They generate a pulsed low-intensity magnetic field that is picked up by the receiver coils of the ScopeGuide receiver dish.

The magnetic pulses are used to calculate the precise position and orientation of the insertion tube.  The  data points are analyzed by the ScopeGuide processor to generate a three-dimensional image of the endoscope on the monitor.

* CF-HQ190L/I and PCF-H190DL/I

**For other colonoscopes and SIF-Q180 single balloon enteroscope, the probe can be inserted through the insertion channel.

Key Benefits

  • Physicians: Identify and mitigate loops, documenting procedures with endoscopic and ScopeGuide images.
  • Assistants: Apply abdominal pressure to the correct location.
  • Nurses: Document precise locations for biopsies and samples.
  • Anesthesiologists: Gauge procedure timing and administer proper sedation.
  • Fellows: Train with visual anatomy cues to help them become proficient.
  • Patients: Experience a more comfortable colonoscopy.



ScopeGuide (UPD-3) includes:
• Processor (UPD-3)
• Receiver Dish (MAJ-1868)
• Roll Stand (MAJ-1907) and Bed Rail Clamp (FLP-0008-17)
• Hand Coil (MAJ-1859)

Colonoscope (CF-HQ190L/I, ScopeGuide enabled)
Colonoscope (PCF-H190DL/I, ScopeGuide enabled)
Enteroscope (SIF-Q180)*

*For the single balloon enteroscope and other existing colonoscopes, the Position Detecting Probe will need to be inserted through the scope channel.

• Position Detecting Probe (MAJ-1878)*

• Remote Control (MAJ-1890)