Resection in Saline Electrodes


Resection in Saline Electrodes

Olympus Resection in Saline Electrodes include a variety of electrode choices for urological procedures, including the PlasmaButton as well as loop (various sizes), band, knife, and roller ball options. Their seamless integration with Olympus resectoscopes ensures surgical tissue removal with minimal bleeding, increased visibility, and decreased procedure time. Only Olympus electrodes are designed to conform to the precise Olympus resectoscope specifications and tolerances necessary to assure safe, effective, and reliable operation.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced safety: The use of saline reduces the risk of TUR syndrome while the use of bipoloar technology reduces stimulation of the obturator nerve. The latest plasma technology also makes virtual bloodless treatment possible. The electrodes deliver clean and precise cutting and coagulation, which is especially beneficial during TUR-BT.
  • Added efficiency: The self-cleaning effect of the loop-wire when plasma is activated saves cleaning time, and Olympus technology eliminates the need for a patient plate. 
  • Proven efficacy: With use in more than 100,000 clinical cases and three years on the market, Olympus Resection in Saline Electrodes have delivered three years of proven effectiveness. 
  • PlasmaButton Vaporization Electrode: The revolutionary, optimized spherical shape of the PlasmaButton Vaporization Electrode combined with the easy-to-learn vaporization technique results in well-coagulated, smooth tissue. Vaporization of the tissue is performed by the plasma corona utilizing pulsing, ultra-low voltage energy. Vaporization is safely performed in saline while the plasma corona reduces the penetration depth of the energy, affecting only localized tissue. The PlasmaButton electrode shape combined with resection-in-saline technology provides a safe and easy-to-use solution to tissue management challenges.


For detailed specifications on Olympus Resection Electrodes, please contact Customer Service for assistance.