QuickClip Pro™

Clip Fixing Devices

QuickClip Pro™

Close with confidence.

Olympus QuickClip Pro offers precise rotation with open and close functionality for exact clip placement.

Key Benefits

  • Open and Close Functionality: QuickClip Pro's ability to open, close and reopen facilitates correct positioning prior to deployment.
  • Precise Rotation: The unique rotation mechanism provides exclusive control in orienting the clip to the target site.
  • Strength and Flexibility: The clip arm resists bending due to the increased material strength.
  • Easy Insertion and Channel Protection: The sheath design allows smooth insertion and precise handling. It also reduces the potential for damage to the working channel.
  • 11mm Wide Adjustable Opening: The opening allows a firm grasp on the right amount of tissue needed for a successful outcome.
  • MRI Conditional: The clip enable patients to safely undergo an MRI procedure after clip placement, within specified parameters. 


  Product Code Box Quantity Working Length (mm)
Upper HX-202LR.A 10 1650 mm
HX-202LR.B 5 1650 mm
Lower HX-202UR.A 10 2300 mm
HX-202UR.B 5 2300 mm