12/20 MHz Ultrasound Probes (UM-2R-3/UM-3R-3)


Miniature Probe

12/20 MHz Ultrasound Probes (UM-2R-3/UM-3R-3)

Olympus Endoscopic Ultrasound Probes generate 360° high-resolution images in the near field for excellent visualization of submucosal areas.  To target lesions Olympus offers mechanical radial scanning ultrasound probes with multiple features including guide wire and dual plane reconstruction.

Our most commonly used probes are the UM-2R-3, 12 MHz ultrasound probe, and the UM-3R-3, 20 MHz ultrasound probe which are used to target lesions using the direct contact method. With an outer diameter of just 2.5 mm, it is compatible with scope channels measuring 2.8 mm or greater and is perfect for generating 360° high resolution images in the near field.

Key Benefits

  • Ultrasound scanning:
    Featuring 360° mechanical radial scanning, these probes provide an ultrasound view to ensure a precise examination to include the deeper tissue layer.
  • Detailed ultrasound images:
    Available in frequencies of either 12 MHz or 20 MHz these probes generate high-resolution images to facilitate diagnosis and observation.