A New Day is Dawning for BPH Patients.

The PlasmaButton™ represents the forefront of innovation for the minimally invasive surgical treatment of BPH.

The revolutionary, optimized spherical shape of the PK® PlasmaButton™ vaporization electrode combined with the easy-to-learn vaporization technique results in well-coagulated, smooth tissue. Plasma Vaporization Therapy is safely performed in saline while the plasma corona reduces the penetration depth of the energy, affecting only localized tissue. The PK® PlasmaButton™ electrode shape combined with resection-in-saline technology provides an innovative, cost efficient and easy-to-use solution to tissue management challenges.

Plasma is an electrically conductive gas cloud that in this case, is created by the combination of radio frequency, energy and saline. It is made of vapor and charged particles called ions (atoms that have an electric charge). Due to its conductivity, the plasma allows the energy to cross at lower energy levels. This effect leads to lower operating temperatures and therefore less thermal spread.

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