PK diego Powered Debrider System


PK diego Powered Debrider System

The PK diego® Powered Debrider System combines superior dissection, ergonomic comfort, and bipolar hemostasis. In one device, you get a versatile, complete system that saves time. PK takes a relatively small amount of energy and configures it to create a unique waveform with a smoother, more efficient load curve. As a result, hemostasis is safe and gentle, yet highly effective and reliable – and perfectly integrated with precision diego dissection technology. The system's components include the PK diego System console, power cable, footswitches, and handpieces. Applications for PK diego include sinus surgery, polypectomy, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and inferior turbinate reduction.

Key Benefits

  • Superior dissection: PK diego combines the award-winning diego-powered mechanical dissection platform and PK Technology®.
  • Surgical control: PK diego blades allow the surgeon the option to control ordinary bleeding either while dissecting.
  • Improved hemostasis: PK diego blades create a gentle hemostatic effect with minimal thermal spread and less smoke and char than are normally associated with monopolar electrosurgery.


For more information about system components or detailed specifications for the system’s full line of compatible burrs and blades, please contact customer service for assistance.