Guide Sheath Kit

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Guide Sheath Kit

The Olympus Guide Sheath Kit is designed to function as an extended working channel and to increase diagnostic yield of peripheral lesions. It includes a guide sheath, biopsy forceps, and a cytology brush. The Guide Sheath Kit is available in multiple configurations for both large and small diameter scopes.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient: The Guide Sheath Kit is designed to enhance procedural efficiency.  Once positioned at the target site, the guide sheath acts like an extended working channel, allowing safe and repeated access to the lesion for sampling. 
  • Versatile: The Guide Sheath Kit can be used with Olympus radial EBUS probes for more precise sampling of peripheral pulmonary lesions.  The kit is available in multiple configurations for use in scopes with 2.0 mm or 2.6 mm working channels.
  • Cost effective: When compared to other options, the Guide Sheath Kit provides a cost-efficient, effective solution for accessing peripheral pulmonary lesions.


Model Name K-201 K-202 K-203 K-204
Compatible Channel Diameter 2.0 mm 2.6 mm
Set Content Guide Sheath SG-200C SG-200C SG-201C SG-201C
  Maximum outer diameter 1.95 mm 2.55 mm
Working length 105 cm
Biopsy Forceps FB-233D FB-233D FB-231D FB-231D
  Maximum outer diameter 1.5 mm 1.9 mm
Working length 115 cm
Cup configuration Standard, fenestrated
Cytology Brush BC-204D-2010 - BC-202D-2010 -
  Maximum outer diameter 1.4 mm 1.8 mm
Working length 115 cm
Brush diameter 2.0 mm
Brush length 10 mm
ET Stopper 3 pcs (white) 3 pcs (2 pcs: gray / 1 pc: white)
US Stopper 1 pc (white) 1 pc (gray)