Soft Palate Handpiece


RF Energy

Soft Palate Handpiece

The Olympus Somnoplasty palate handpiece uses temperature-controlled radio-frequency (TCRF) technology to create predictable lesions in the soft palate.

Key Benefits

  • This procedure is performed to control snoring.
  • Electrode should be placed equidistant A/P in the soft palate. Gently tug forward to allow the electrode to center and release forward pressure.
  • Avoid placing electrode too laterally or too inferiorly where tissue is thinner since this increases the risk of mucosal injury and tissue slough.

Patient Selection
Best candidates for successful outcomes meet the following criteria:

  • Patients with no or minimal sleep apnea 
  • Objective clinical criteria:
    - Body mass index <30
    - RDI (AI+HI) <15, determined by sleep study without significant oxygen desaturization 
    - Patient without severe nasal airway obstruction or other significant anatomic airway obstruction
  • Suboptimal results may occur if an individual has any of the following:
    - Large or elongated uvula
    - Posterior pillar webbing
    - Large tongue
    - Hypertrophic tonsils
  • Generally, the more anatomically normal the soft palate, the better the result.



Control Unit Settings
Joules: Varies between 350 – 750 depending on area treated and palate thickness
Temperature: 85°
Watts: 15