Surgical Imaging System


VISERA ELITE II Surgical Imaging System (OTV-S200) is designed to streamline endoscopic procedures across all surgical specialties including General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Otolaryngology and Orthopedic surgery. 
Whereas most imaging systems require a separate light source and processor, the VISERA ELITE II Surgical Imaging System provides everything in one compact device, achieving a single connection to more than 20 compatible videoscopes and camera heads. 
The one-box multi-specialty platform leads to a simplified OR workflow from equipment preparation, to maintenance, troubleshooting, and cable management. In addition, standardized equipment across departments help minimize the time for training of nurses and OR staff throughout your facility.

Key Benefits


  • Promotes accurate diagnosis and precise surgical treatment by achieving reproduction of natural color, fine patterns and structures of tissue via LED light.
  • Supports critical surgical decision making with NBI® that has at least 25% higher light intensity* than the previous models and generates higher contrast of blood vessels on the mucosal surface.

*data on file. NBI is not intended to replace histopathological sampling as a means of diagnosis. For more details on NBI® technology, click here.


  • Reduces the initial investment of the overall imaging system by adopting the integrated processor and light source.
  • Standardizes cross-specialty surgical needs for General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology, Otolaryngology and Orthopedic surgery, accommodating more than 20 different scopes and camera heads.
  • Supports easy, inexpensive upgrades with a simple one-box backward compatibility system.
  • Decreases operating costs with the elongated use period of LED lights in the compact system.


  • Simplifies workflow in the operating room with the all-in-one compact system.
  • Touch-panel screen enables quick & easy operation for user presets setup.
  • Up to 20 customizable user settings can be registered to accommodate multiple surgeons’ preference.


Power Supply Voltage:  100–240 V AC; within ±10%
Frequency:  50/60 Hz; within ±1 Hz
Consumption Electric Power:  400 VA
Size Dimensions (W x H x D):  383 (W) mm x 199 (H) mm x 506 (D) mm
Illumination: LED
Maximum Light Intensity: Less than 5.64W (approximately same as an Olympus light source that is mounted Xenon short-arc lamp 300W).
Weight: 19.3 kg