OES Pro Resectoscope


OES Pro Resectoscope

Olympus Resectoscops feature innovations such as Snap-In Snap-Out locking components, unsurpassed ergonomics, and precise counterbalancing. In addition, color-coded sheaths, obturators, and a complete line of accessories can all be assembled quickly and easily. The Olympus family of resectoscopes also includes the Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscope, which enhances ease of use by enabling rotation of the working element and telescope to the desired position independently of the sheaths. The result is no rotating components in the urethra and no tangled tubing due to rotating flow ports, making procedures simpler.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely light (253 gr)¬†and well-balanced
  • Impressive working length of 194 mm
  • 24, 26, 28 Fr standard flow sheaths available
  • 26, 28 Fr continuous flow sheaths available
  • Large resection volume
  • Reduced finger spread
  • Wide array of resection electrodes


For detailed specifications on the Olympus lineup of urology telescopes, cystoscopes, resectoscopes, ureteroscopes, and nephroscopes, please contact customer service for assistance.