EZ Shot 2


Aspiration Needle

EZ Shot 2

Single-use Olympus EZ Shot 2 Aspiration Needles provide excellent puncture capability in a complete selection of sizes and styles. These needles feature an echogenic dimpled tip to improve visibility on ultrasound images. The needle’s adjustable sheath design assists in an accurate approach to the site.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent performance: The needle design delivers superior puncture capability for biopsies.
  • Improved visibility: An echogenic dimpled tip is clearly visible in ultrasound images.
  • Adjustable sheath: The adjustable design of the sheath allows a more accurate approach the biopsy site.


Working Length: 140 cm
Maximum Insertion Portion Diameter: 1.85 mm
Needle Diameters: 19 G, 22 G, 25 G
Stylet Tip Shape: Rounded
Sideport: Yes, on one model
Use: Single use