Micron Monolithic Implant


Micron Monolithic Implant

The all-titanium Micron® Monolithic Implant System is available in centered and off-centered orientations to maximize visualization. The open-head design is tiltable to facilitate implant placement and handling. The slit superstructure provides stability of the PORP onto the stapes superstructure and cradles an intact stapedial tendon.

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Olympus offers a wide variety of prosthetic implants for stapedotomy and stapedectomy procedures in a selection of diameters, functional lengths, and materials. These implants range from the innovative SMart Piston family of products, which uses nitinol shape memory metal alloy, to the Classic Stapes Bucket Handle Prosthesis, which is constructed out of titanium. The Olympus complete line of middle ear solutions includes telescopes, pistons, loops, struts, and stapes as well as other instruments and accessories.

For detailed specifications, please contact your local Olympus ENT representative for assistance or refer to the ENT Catalog.