HD Laryngoscope 70 (WA96100A)


Rigid HD Laryngoscope

HD Laryngoscope 70 (WA96100A)

The Olympus WA96100A HD Laryngoscope 70 delivers both high definition and high durability. The laryngoscope's unique HD optical system technology offers the highest level of contrast and color reproduction, enabling observation of the finest structures while a wide depth of field eliminates the need for refocusing during procedures. The HD Laryngoscope 70 is suited for diagnostics and visual observation in the larynx and pharynx during laryngoscopy, laryngostroboscopy, and epipharyngoscopy.

Key Benefits

  • High definition: The laryngoscope’s HD optical system represents the most advanced technology, delivering the highest level of contrast and color reproduction while the wide depth of field eliminates the need for refocusing. 
  • High durability: The laryngoscope’s innovative design and lens system provides exceptional durability. Designed to absorb shock, the lens system is less vulnerable to breakage during use and reprocessing.  
  • Ready for use: The HD laryngoscope 70 is compatible with all relvant autoclaving, automated cleaning, and disinfection (glutaraldehyde and peracetic acid) processes. A detachable handle allows easy and complete cleaning.


Working Length: 
Direction of View: 
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