Fiber Rhinolaryngoscope (ENF-XP)



Fiber Rhinolaryngoscope (ENF-XP)

The Olympus ENF-XP fiber rhinolaryngoscope features an ultra-slim insertion tube diameter and generous 130° angulation range (up and down). Its high-resolution optics, brightness, and slim design make the ENF-XP the optimal choice for observing narrow upper airway passages in both adults and children.

Key Benefits

  • Easy insertion: An ultra-slim 2.2 mm diameter ensures easy insertion into narrow upper airway passages and is optimally sized for observation of smaller nasal cavities, making it particularly well suited for pediatric procedures. 
  • Enhanced maneuverability: With an angulation range of 130° both up and down, the ENF-XP assists with trouble-free insertion and enhances scope maneuverability.


Working Length: 
300 mm
Field of View: 
Depth of Field: 
2.5-50 mm
Outer Diameter: 
1.8 mm
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
2.2 mm
Max Angulation Up: 
Max Angulation Down: