Lens Cleaner System


The InstaClear lens cleaner system cleans and clears the lens of a rigid endoscope quickly during surgery without having to remove it from the nasal cavity. The system includes a console that can be mounted on a standard IV pole for easy storage and transportation in the OR, a footpedal for hands-free activation, a tubeset for irrigation to clean and suction to clear the lens, and a series of easy to mount sheaths to accommodate Olympus and Storz 4mm rigid endoscopes.

Key Benefits

  • Average clearing cycle is 135% faster than the Medtronic Endo-Scrub® 2
  • Designed to reduce the duration of the procedure
  • No need to remove the scope from the nasal cavity
  • Uses suction to instantly remove fluid from the lens
  • No bubbles or meniscus remaining on the lens
  • No clipping of the image
  • Provides longer scope working length than the Medtronic Endo-Scrub® 2