3D Visualization Unit (3DV-190)

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3D Visualization Unit

3D Visualization Unit (3DV-190)

The 3D Visualization Unit allows a 2D integration of the left and right images provided by two CV-190 Video processors. The 3DV-190 delivers the HD 3D signal to monitors and recorders in the optimal formal.  The 3DV-190 also facilitates recording and playback of 3D images to and from the IMH-20 Image Management Hub.

Key Benefits

  • 3D Video signal integration: The 3DV-190 integrates the left and right images* provided by two CV-190 video system centers and outputs the 3D signal to 3D monitors and recorders in an optimal format. *Two CV-190 units required.
  • Multiple 3D Video Outputs and formats: 3D output (3G-SDI, DVI-D) to multiple monitors is available. The 3DV-190 supports several 3D formats:  3G, LINE-BY-LINE and SIDE-BY-SIDE.
  • Easy 2D/3D Switching: 2D and 3D observation modes can be switched easily by remote control and from the sterile field.
  • NBI® in 2D and 3D: Narrow Band Imaging is easily available during surgery in both 2D and 3D.