Rigid Hysteroscopes


Rigid Hysteroscopes

The Olympus Hysteroscope System is the gold standard in rigid hysteroscopy. These scopes feature the winning combination of a slim outer diameter, high-flow characteristics, and excellent image quality with ultra-wide fields of view. A durable design and high-quality materials ensure long-term performance and autoclavability of these instruments.

Key Benefits

  • Sheath compatibility: Olympus rigid hysteroscopes are compatible with a full range of sheaths, making them versatile for procedures such as endometrial ablation, as well as transvaginal placement of the Essure® inserts.
  • Autoclaving guarantee: Olympus rigid hysteroscopes come with a Five-Year Goldtip Guarantee™ against autoclaving damage.


Telescopes and Sheaths (includes tray and autoclavable protection)

A4672A 3 mm, 0˚, telescope, autoclavable
A4673A 3 mm, 12˚, telescope, autoclavable
A4674A 3 mm, 30˚, telescope, autoclavable
A0547 Protection tube for telescopes
A4770 4 mm single flow diagnostic sheath
A4771 4.5 mm continuous flow sheath, 3 Fr. channel
A4772 5.5 mm continuous flow sheath, 5 Fr. channel
A4773 6.5 mm continuous flow sheath, 7 Fr. channel

Semi-Rigid Operative Instruments

A4820 Semi-rigid biopsy forceps, 3 Fr.
A4824 Semi-rigid biopsy forceps, 5 Fr.
A4825 Semi-rigid shark teeth grasping forceps, 5 Fr. 
A4826  Semi-rigid straight scissors, 5 Fr.
A4827 Semi-rigid rat tooth grasping forceps, 5 Fr.
A4828 Semi-rigid hook scissors, 5 Fr.
A4829 Semi-rigid shark teeth grasping forceps, 7 Fr.
A4830 Semi-rigid straight scissors, 7 Fr.
A4831 Semi-rigid rat tooth grasping forceps, 7 Fr.
A4832 Semi-rigid biopsy forceps, 7 Fr.
A4833 Semi-rigid hook scissors, 7 Fr.

Hysteroscopic Resection Instruments

A4740 Outer sheath, 8 Fr., rotatable
A4741 Inner sheath (with obturator A0418)
A4742 Optical obturator (requires A4740)
A4743 Working insert, 7 Fr. channel (requires A4740)
A4744 Working element, passive
A0391 HF cable, 3.5 m (resectoscope to Olympus HF units)
A0393 HF cable, 3.5 m (resectoscope to ValleyLab HF units)
WA47050C Loop electrode
WA47051C Angled loop electrode
WA47052C Roller ball electrode Sold in packs of 12
WA47053C Roller bar electrode
WA47054C Needle electrode
WA47055C Vaporization electrode, grooved barrel (titanium)