HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes


HD Rod Lens Sinuscopes

Olympus HD Sinuscopes deliver outstanding quality in rigid endoscopy imaging for ENT. The true color lens system of 4 mm HD Sinuscopes allows for definition and clarity of structures in the entire endoscopic field. Durable construction and a variety of scope configurations make a 4 mm HD Sinuscope an outstanding addition to your ENT suite.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding optical quality: High-quality imaging delivers excellent contrast and homogenous illumination.
  • Compatible reprocessing: Autoclavable HD Sinuscopes are also compatible with glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, and washers/disinfectors.
  • Comprehensive product line: HD Sinuscopes are available in a variety of configurations offering multiple directions of view (0°, 30°, 45°, 70°) and with the connector for the light guide available either on top or bottom.


WA96200A: HD Sinuscope 4 mm 0°
WA96201A: HD Sinuscope LG down 4 mm 30°
WA96202A: HD Sinuscope LG up 4 mm 30°
WA96203A: HD Sinuscope LG down 4 mm 45°
WA96204A: HD Sinuscope LG up 4 mm 45°
WA96205A: HD Sinuscope LG down 4 mm 70°
WA96206A: HD Sinuscope LG up 4 mm 70°