Video Laparoscopes


The ENDOEYE HD IIĀ videoscope delivers the innovative combination of distal-chip and high-definition technology to provide surgeons with the most advanced tool available today for laparoscopic imaging. The ENDOEYE HD IIĀ also brings the benefits of reliability, consistency, and efficiency through its unique all-in-one, focus-free design and light ergonomic construction.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional Imaging: HDTV delivers exceptional image clarity while Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) enhances visualization of the capillary network and mucosal morphology.
  • Focus-free design: An advanced optical design provides greater depth of field, eliminating the need for manual focusing and other scope features include a digital zoom and a fog-free (heating) function.
  • Fog-free function: The ENDOEYE HD II has a Fog-Free Function which reduces the amount of time for the lens to defog from minutes to seconds. By warming the distal tip of the laparoscope before or during surgery, fogging is reduced, enabling a clear field of view.
  • Autoclavable, all-in-one design: The ENDOEYE HD II is fully autoclavable, and an all-in-one design integrates the light cable and camera system into the laparoscope for improved ergonomics and easier setup.