Metal Stent


Olympus offers a lineup of self-expanding metal stents to help achieve luminal patency in a variety of clinical applications. With a unique braiding design, the HANAROSTENT® provides an ideal balance of radial and axial force, allowing for the flexibility to conform to a patient’s anatomy and precisely target their stricture.

HANAROSTENT® LowAx Colonic is an uncovered stent designed to be used for palliative treatment of colorectal strictures caused by malignant neoplasms and to relieve large bowel obstruction prior to colectomy in patients with malignant strictures. Please refer to the IFU (package insert) for essential information on using this instrument safely and effectively.

This stent is contraindicated for:

  • Strictures that cannot be dilated enough to pass the delivery device
  • Chronically bleeding tumors, if bleeding is active at the time of placement
  • Suspected colonic ischemia
  • Multiple sites of obstruction
  • Standard colonoscopy contraindications
  • Strictures caused by benign tumors
  • Suspected or impending perforation
  • Intra-abdominal abscesses / perforation
  • Strictures that do not allow passage of a guidewire
  • Any use other than those mentioned in Indications for Use (IFU)

Compatible with a 0.035” guidewire.

Key Benefits

Unique Wire Structure: Hook-cross nitinol design provides optimal radial and axial force

Precise Placement: 12 radiopaque markers on the proximal, distal and middle of the stent to assist with placement under fluoroscopy

Re-capturing Function: Stent can be fully recaptured, marked by red "point of no return" on device handle


Product Code Stent Diameter (mm) Stent Length (cm) Delivery Catheter (mm/F) Delivery Length (cm)
CNJF-22-060-230 22 6 3.4mm / 10.2F 230
CNJF-22-090-230 22 9 3.4mm / 10.2F 230
CNJF-22-120-230 22 12 3.4mm / 10.2F 230
CNJF-25-060-230 25 6 3.4mm / 10.2F 230
CNJF-25-090-230 25 9 3.4mm / 10.2F 230
CNJF-25-120-230 25 12 3.4mm / 10.2F 230