Amplatz Stainless Steel Guidewire Series


The Olympus Amplatz guidewire is a smooth, flat wire wrapped over a stainless steel core designed to provide balanced performance. The super-stiff proximal shaft of the Amplatz helps ensure ultimate pushability and control while the floppy distal shaft helps enable precise, less traumatic advancement. The guidewire’s smooth, rounded ends and PTFE coating are designed to ease passage.


Olympus guidewires are engineered to ensure rapid access, easy advancement, smooth tracking, and maximum maneuverability. They help maintain precise control at every step of the procedure. Olympus guidewires are available in a variety of core materials, coatings, tips, and sizes—ensuring the right combination of torque, lubricity, and visibility for optimum results. Olympus urology guidewire designs include: GLIDEWIRE®, UltraTrack, SureGlide®, Quattro™, Bentson, PTFE-Coated, and Amplatz. For detailed specifications or to determine the appropriate device for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance.