Rubber Tip Grasping Forceps (FG-20P-1)


Grasping Forceps / Retrieval Baskets

Rubber Tip Grasping Forceps (FG-20P-1)

Reusable Olympus Rubber Tip (non-latex) grasping forceps are ideal for retrieval of sharp objects, such as nails, needles, blades, and pins.  Reusable Olympus Rubber Tip (non-latex) grasping forceps are compatible with a variety of Olympus endoscopes.


Working Length: 190 cm
Opening Width: 4.8 mm
Minimum Channel Size: 2.0 mm
Compatible Scopes: BF, GIF, JF, TJF
Package: 1 per box
Use: Reusable, autoclavable

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