The slim, semi-rigid design of the EVIS EXERA LTF-160 pleuravideoscope simplifies and streamlines medical thoracoscopy under local anesthesia. A large 2.8 mm treatment channel enables minimally invasive, single port thoracoscopy, and high-quality imaging and a two-way flexible tip facilitates accurate visualization inside the pleural cavity. An autoclavable design ensures percutaneous procedures can be performed with confidence, and the LTF-160 is compatible with laser treatment as well as electrocautery devices.

Key Benefits

  • Minimally invasive medical thoracoscopy: With a two-way flexible tip and a generous 2.8 mm instrument channel, the LTF-160 allows full visual inspection of the pleural cavity and the ability to aspirate pleural effusions, all through a single port.
  • Outstanding image quality: The high-resolution video imaging system provides sharp, clear images, enhancing efficiency and helping to improve patient safety.
  • Autoclavable design: Steam sterilization ensures percutaneous procedures can be performed with confidence using the LTF-160.


Channel Width: 
2.8 mm
Working Length: 
27 cm
Field of View: 
Direction of View: 
0° Forward Viewing
Depth of Field: 
3-100 mm
Outer Diameter: 
7.0 mm Distal End
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
7.0 mm
Max Angulation Up: 
Max Angulation Down: