PK SuperPulse (744000)


RF Energy

PK SuperPulse (744000)

The Olympus PK SuperPulse Technology Workstation economically improves surgeon efficiency by powering a variety of devices that cut, coagulate, and seal tissue, minimizing blood loss and shortening procedure times. PK Technology provides unique, pulsed, low-voltage RF energy to resect rapidly at low temperatures. PK Technology also combines the safety of saline with "seal-as-you-cut" tissue resection and vaporization for safer, faster treatment of BPH and bladder tumors.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent hemostasis with no risk of hyponatremia
  • Reduced risk of obturator nerve stimulation
  • Precise tissue removal for TURP and bladder neck incisions
  • Shorter catherization time ideal for day care or outpatient surgery
  • Minimal thermal spread virtually eliminates charring and reduces complications associated with deep-tissue desiccation