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RF Energy

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Smart, Gentle, Efficient. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is an established minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins. The generator and ProCurve V applicator of the Precision System allow highly accurate and customized varicose vein treatments. Using bipolar radiofrequency technology, the "Pulse RFITT" mode (radiofrequency induced thermotherapy), occludes veins gently and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Impedance Measurement & Auto-Stop Feature
  • Continuous intraoperative impedance measurement determining the tissue condition
  • As tissue impedance rises, the generator automatically adjusts its power output
  • Once the vein is occluded, or the tip is inside an introducer sheath, the Auto-Stop function is automatically enabled
  • The bipolar RF current does not heat the electrode tip itself, but only the adjacent tissue
  • The generator may also be employed in standard inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures (monopolar and bipolar settings)


  • Applicator with slender diameter of 1.8 mm (5 Fr/6 Fr).
  • Flexible shaft for easy insertion.
  • Centimeter markings for precise placement (rubber ring-positioning guide).
  • Clear tip visualization on ultrasound for easy positioning.
  • Short electrode tip of 18 mm (enabling treatment of short vein segments e.g. perforators).
  • May be positioned up to 1 cm inferior of the saphenous junctions.
  • Tissue heated up to about 212° F.
  • Protects against thermal damage to the introducer sheath.
  • Continuous withdrawal with inbuilt auto-feedback control.