Celon Elite Generator


RF Energy

Celon Elite Generator

The Celon Elite Generator provides intelligent power control for deployment of bipolar radio-frequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) applicators in ENT procedures. It is simple to use and provides automatic monitoring and regulation of the entire soft coagulation process.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic control: The generator monitors and regulates the entire soft-coagulation process automatically and controls the Celon bipolar radio-frequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) applicators. Automatic dosimetry control and 3D impedance feedback control ensure reproducible results, and an acoustic signal provides continuous information on the progress of treatment.
  • Focused therapy: The bipolar electrode configuration of the RFITT applicators allows the treatment area to be precisely defined, as the radio-frequency current flows exclusively between the two poles of the applicator tip. Soft coagulation is generally achieved after just a few seconds.
  • Simple setup: Prior to treatment, it is only necessary to set the power recommended for the selected application and the desired treatment result.


Mains Voltage Range: 100-120
Output Power: 1-25 Watts
Width: 267 mm
Depth: 335 mm
Height: 165 mm