Celon Elite (90002A)


RF Energy

Celon Elite (90002A)

The Olympus Celon System uses bipolar radio-frequency-induced thermotherapy (RFITT) energy to treat hypertrophic turbinates and the soft palate. It combines the safety of bipolar electrodes with the unparalleled control, monitoring, and audible signaling from the power control unit, offering reliable and reproducible results in an outpatient setting. System components include the Celon Elite ESG-200 Generator, Celon ProBreath and Celon ProSleep Plus applicators.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic control: The generator monitors and regulates the entire soft-coagulation process automatically and controls the Celon bipolar radio-frequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT) applicators. Automatic dosimetry control and 3D impedance feedback control ensure reproducible results and an acoustic signal provides continuous information on the progress of treatment.
  • Focused therapy: The bipolar electrode configuration of the RFITT applicators allows the treatment area to be precisely defined, as the radio-frequency current flows exclusively between the two poles of the applicator tip. Soft coagulation is generally achieved after just a few seconds.
  • Simple setup: Prior to treatment, it is only necessary to set the power recommended for the selected application and the desired treatment result.


Main Voltage Range: 100-120
Maximum HF Power: 120 Watts
Width: 295 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 115 mm
Volume: 13,570 cm3
Weight: 6.61 kg (14.6 lbs)