EMPOWER Holmium:YAG laser portfolio


EMPOWER Holmium:YAG laser portfolio

The NEW Olympus EMPOWER Holmium:YAG laser portfolio offers 35W and 65W systems with a full-range line of laser fibers to meet the diverse lithotripsy challenges physicians face each day. 

The laser fiber portfolio of the EMPOWER system offers a ball-tip fiber, that allows the physician to insert the fiber through a deflected scope, while maintaining visualization of the stone. The efficient system design of the EMPOWER H35 and H65 enables higher frequency settings compared to competitive systems at similar power offerings.  


Key Benefits

  • Frequency: The EMPOWER H35 offers 30Hz frequency, and the EMPOWER H65 offers 60Hz frequency.
  • Stabilization Mode: The EMPOWER H65 system is equipped with 'Stabilization Mode', which creates a path of vapor between the fiber tip and stone during dusting to reduce retropulsion.
  • Dusting: Both the H35, and the H65 EMPOWER lasers offer 'Dusting' mode optimizing dusting techniques with high frequency