Dual-Lumen Ureteral Catheter

Ureteral Catheters

Dual-Lumen Ureteral Catheter

The Olympus Dual Lumen Catheter is designed to facilitate easy insertion and accurate placement with atraumatic access in mind. The soft, flexible tip helps minimize trauma during access. The torque-stable shaft eases catheter manipulation into the ureteral orifice and up the ureter and is radiopaque for clear visualization. The tapered segment and 10 Fr shaft gently dilate the ureter.

Key Benefits

  • 6 Fr Flexible Tip gradually transitions to 10 Fr body for atraumatic dilation of the ureteral orifice
  • Kink Resistant Catheter Body designed for easy insertion through difficult anatomy
  • Colored Luers match distal and proximal lumens for intuitive guidewire placement and contrast injections


The Olympus Dual Lumen catheter has a 6 Fr tip that gradually transitions to a 10 Fr body to effectively dilate the Ureteral Orifice. For detailed specifications, please contact customer service for assistance.