DISTEN-U-FLO™ Fluid Management System

Fluid Management

DISTEN-U-FLO™ Fluid Management System

The DISTEN-U-FLO™ Fluid Management System, designed in cooperation with renowned gynecologist Philip Brooks, MD, offers a simple approach to office hysteroscopy. The fluid management system, with any hysteroscope - including the SlimLine Operative Hysteroscope, facilitate observing and determining the extent of disease in the uterine cavity. Diagnosis can be made with excellent visual clarity under the most difficult circumstances, such as heavy bleeding. All this, in the convenience and comfort of your office.

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective: Affordable, convenient, and disposable office system.
  • All-In-One System: Consists of inflow/outflow tubing and collection bag to providing a spill-free environment for quick diagnosis in 3–5 minutes in most situations — even during heavy bleeding.