Diagnostic Bronchoscope (BF-P190)


Diagnostic Bronchoscope (BF-P190)

The fully rotatable, slim design of the BF-P190 bronchoscope, powered by EVIS EXERA III, along with its additional tip angulation, advances maneuverability to provide better access in peripheral airways.

Key Benefits

Rotary Function: Rotary Function: Insertion tube rotation of up to 120° left and right may effectively reduce hand rotation* and supports easier insertion and positioning of endoscopic devices.

210° Tip Angulation: The wide angulation range can be maintained even when an endoscopic device is inserted, making it easier to access difficult-to-reach peripheral areas of the lung.

High-Resolution Image: Revolutionary mini CCD on the scope tip provides unsurpassed image quality compared to any other commercially available slim bronchoscope. (SDTV)

Extended Reach: The Olympus Guide Sheath Kit helps to improve access to peripheral lesions by acting as an extension of the bronchoscope's working channel. When used with proprietary Olympus radial EBUS probes, real-time confirmation of the lesion location can assist in targeted sampling to improve the diagnostic yield.

*When compared to the BF-180 series.


Channel Width: 
2.0 mm
Working Length: 
600 mm
Field of View: 
Direction of View: 
0° Forward Viewing
Depth of Field: 
2-50 mm
Outer Diameter: 
4.2 mm Distal End
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
4.1 mm
Max Angulation Up: 
Max Angulation Down: 
Max Angulation Right: 
120° with Rotary Function
Max Angulation Left: 
120° with Rotary Function