HD Flexible Cystoscope

New design focuses on patient comfort.

The world's first high-definition flexible cysto-nephro videoscope.

The world’s first High-Definition Flexible Cysto-Nephroscope takes endoscopic imaging to the next level.

High-Definition (HDTV)

The CYF-VH is the first endoscope of its kind to provide a High-Defintion image in an endoscope this small.

NBI (Narrow-Band Imaging)

NBI with the CYF-VH is 20% brighter (compared to the CYF-V2) providing enhanced visualization of capillary networks and mucosal morphology.

New Evolution Tip™

A newly redesigned EvolutionTip which incorporates even smoother edges and focuses on patient comfort.

Variable Stiffness Shaft

The CYF-VH shaft varies in stiffness to minimize patient discomfort.

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