GF-UCT180 Curvilinear Array Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope

Endoscopic Ultrasound

GF-UCT180 Curvilinear Array Ultrasound Gastrovideoscope

The GF-UCT180 features a newly developed curved linear array transducer that delivers higher-quality ultrasound images with greater resolution and imaging depth in B-mode. The GF-UCT180 offers you the power and flexibility you need for everything from straightforward tissue sampling to sophisticated EUS-guided treatment. A redesigned forceps elevator gives you more reliable control over devices passed through the 3.7 mm diameter instrument channel, while the slim 12.6 mm diameter insertion tube ensures smooth insertion. Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI) is also available with this ultrasound gastrovideoscope. Other features include a high-resolution CCD for sharp video images and a detachable ultrasound cable that facilitates easier handling, reprocessing and storage, as well as ensuring system compatibility.

Key Benefits

  • Superb imaging: High-resolution B-mode imaging allows precise endoscopic ultrasound imaging during examinations while Narrow Band Imaging enhances visualization of the mucosal surface. 
  • Improved forceps elevator design: The redesigned forceps elevator provides more reliable control over endoscopic devices.
  • Increased penetration depth: The design of this curved linear array transducer delivers higher-quality ultrasound images with greater imaging depth in B-mode.


Channel Width: 
Working Length: 
Field of View: 
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Depth of Field: 
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
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