CO2 Regulation Unit (UCR)

CO2 Insufflators

CO2 Regulation Unit (UCR)

The UCR CO2 Regulation Unit provides intra-luminal insufflation using carbon dioxide to minimize bowel distension and reduce patient discomfort. CO2 insufflation is becoming the standard of care for GI colonoscopy, and the UCR is a simple-to-operate, compact device that can be operated with no additional technical support.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced patient discomfort: CO2 is absorbed by the body 150 times faster than air, reducing patient discomfort due to intestinal distension during and after endoscopic procedures.
  • Easy operation and set up: The UCR features a single button to start and stop the flow of CO2 on the front panel. It is easily set up by connecting to a gas cylinder with a dedicated cylinder hose or by connecting directly to the hospital’s medical gas supply.
  • Compact size: The UCR is small and compact, fitting easily into a standard endoscopy workstation.


Control Button: Simple start/stop button on front panel efficiently controls gas flow.
Gas Connection: Dedicated cylinder hose allows easy exchange of carbon dioxide cylinders, or unit may be connected to hospital medical gas supply.
Size: Compact size and lightweight at just 4.9 kg to easily fit on existing endoscopy station.
Flow Rate: High gas flow rates allow rapid insufflation when required.