Classic Double PigTail

Ureteral Stents

Classic Double PigTail

Olympus Classic Double PigTail ureteral stents have an exclusive balanced-curled double pigtail design that minimizes migration. They also feature unique Tecoflex® construction for easy insertion and enhanced patient comfort. Each stent is supplied with an attached braided nylon tether and one RAMROD™ metal tip push catheter.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Tecoflex construction: This unique design delivers a stent that is firm during placement for easy passage then softens at body temperature for increased patient comfort.
  • Bladder and kidney curl: The exclusive bladder curl and 360° kidney curl design provides balanced stability and comfort.
  • Ultra-slippery coating: The hydrophilic coating on the inside and outside surfaces of the stent glides over any guidewire and through difficult anatomy.
  • Kink resistant: The spiral drainage hole design resists kinking and buckling.


Olympus offers the largest selection of ureteral stents on the market, each ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Olympus ureteral stents are designed to meet the procedural needs of the surgeon and the comfort needs of the patient. Olympus stent types includes dual- and single-durometer, Tecoflex®, and silicone—each with a selection of curl designs, tip configurations, and surface coatings. Olympus ureteral stent designs include: Classic Closed Tip, Classic Double PigTail, Double-J®, LithoStent™, Lubri-Flex®, Multi-Flex™, Quadra-Coil® Multi-Length, Sof-Curl™, and UroGuide™. For detailed specification or to determine the appropriate instrument for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance.