Nasal Dressing


Dissolvable Chitosan Intranasal Splint
The ChitoZolve splint is a dissolvable, pliable intranasal splint that resorbs in as little as four days. No need for the painful removal process often associated with other packing materials. With excellent handling characteristics, the ChitoZolve splint folds without cracking and cuts easily for placement with no fragmenting, allowing for easy insertion into the nasal cavity. 

Key Benefits

  • ChitoZolve. There when you need it – gone when you don’t. 
  • Pliable structure does not crack or create sharp edges that could irritate sensitive mucosa
  • Dissolves in as a few as 4 days eliminating the need for painful removal
  • Separates and supports tissues preventing adhesions
  • Keeps surgical site moist helping to promote healing
  • Expands upon hydration adapting to patient’s anatomy
  • Made from chitosan well documented to help address bleeding, adhesions and bacterial growth


Part Number Description
CNS155 ChitoZolve Dissolvable Chitosan Intranasal Splint 1.5 cm x 5.0 cm, (8/box)