HD Urology Camera Head (OTV-S7PROH-HD-L08E)

Camera Head

HD Camera Head

HD Urology Camera Head (OTV-S7PROH-HD-L08E)

The Olympus HD Urology Camera Head with HDTV1080i delivers high resolution in an extremely lightweight package to provide unsurpassed detail and color reproduction while minimizing operator fatigue. Patented Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) technology enhances the visibility of vascular structures throughout the urinary tract and HDTV1080i combines vivid visualization and comfortable control. With 1080 scanning lines of picture information, HDTV1080i dramatically expands the clinical possibilities in urology and gynecology.

Key Benefits

  • High resolution: The advanced video chip delivers unsurpassed detail and color reproduction in HDTV1080 quality during HD minimally invasive surgery.
  • Lightweight body: As the lightest URO HD camera head available, HDTV1080i reduces operator stress and fatigue, even during longer procedures.
  • Imaging technology:  Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) highlights areas of increased vascularity that are normally hard to see under white light.
  • Customizable remote control switch:  The conveniently located remote control switch enables easy control of any three functions and reduces the risk of camera shake.