HD Autoclavable Camera Head (CH-S190-XZ-E/Q)

Camera Head


HD Autoclavable Camera Head (CH-S190-XZ-E/Q)

The high-resolution, next-generation, 3CCD Olympus HD Autoclavable Camera Head provides high-definition image quality as never seen before. The new design provides unsurpassed detail and color reproduction while minimizing operator fatigue.

Key Benefits

  • Full HD 3CCD: HD 3CCD delivers high-definition image quality with exceptionally fine detail.
  • Power zoom and focus: Intuitive, motor-driven, remote-controlled 0.9 -1.8 zoom and remote-controlled focusing are accessible on the camera head for one-hand usage. 
  • Narrow Band Imaging (NBI): NBI is now 20% brighter compared to previous models. This Olympus proprietary optical imaging technology enhances visualization of vessels and other tissues on the mucosal surface.


Size (Camera Head Dimension W x H x D):
XZ-E Type: 50 x 63 x 142 mm
XZ-Q Type: 45 x 58 x 161 mm

Weight: 350 g

Pickup System: 0.85 cm/0.33 inches solid-state image pickup
Magnification Ratio: Focal distance f = 15.8 – 31.3 mm

C/D/S: Cleaning/disinfection disinfectant solution

Classification (Electromagnetic Equipment):
Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock: Type BF
Degree of Protection Against Explosion: Product should be kept away from flammable gases