Cabos e instrumentos manuais HiQ LS

Handles & Instruments

Cabos e instrumentos manuais HiQ LS

Olympus HiQ LS reusable hand instruments, designed specifically for LESS surgery, are curved to offer surgeons the ability to triangulate and avoid crossed instruments in the abdomen. The reusable design features independent jaw rotation, versatile shafts for the left or right hand, and a low-profile handle design for ideal ergonomics. The instruments are designed for monopolar HF application.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient design: Curved, double-bent shafts at the proximal and distal ends are designed to help the surgeon achieve ideal instrument triangulation. The low-profile handle design is ideal for limited space in single-port surgery.
  • Independent rotation: Separate jaw rotation allows adjustment of the jaw to the tissue independent of the shaft position.
  • Interchangeable handedness: A universal handle/shaft insert interface allows interchange of the same instrument for use using either the right or left hand.


Hand instruments include HiQ LS deactivatable handle, HiQ LS monopolar handle, 75° curved infundibulum grasper, and more. Multiple 5 x 350 mm hand instruments as well as bariatric lengths available.