EVIS EXERA Bronchovideoscope (BF-XT160)


Video Bronchoscope

EVIS EXERA Bronchovideoscope (BF-XT160)

The EVIS EXERA BF-XT160 bronchovideoscope combines versatility with imaging performance. While its insertion tube diameter is only 6.3 mm, the BF-XT160 boasts a large 3.2 mm channel that can accommodate a wide variety of endoscopic, laser, and electrocautery devices while maintaining powerful suction capability. With true-to-life, crystal-clear video image quality, the BF-XT160 expands the potential of video bronchoscopy.

Key Benefits

  • Large working channel: A generous 3.2 mm channel can accommodates a range of endoscopic devices while simultaneously aspirating fluids.
  • Therapeutic capabilities: With a large working channel, superior video imaging, and powerful suctioning, the BF-XT160 plays an important role in therapeutic bronchoscopy.


Channel Width: 
Working Length: 
60 cm
Field of View: 
Direction of View: 
0° Forward Viewing
Depth of Field: 
3-100 mm
Outer Diameter: 
6.2 mm Distal End
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
6.3 mm
Max Angulation Up: 
Max Angulation Down: