BF-XT190 Bronchoscope


Video Bronchoscope

BF-XT190 Bronchoscope

The revolutionary design of the BF-XT190 bronchoscope, powered by EVIS EXERA III, advances therapeutic bronchoscopy with outstanding handling, improved functionality, and excellent image quality. 

Key Benefits

  • Rotary Function: Insertion tube rotation of up to 120° left and right may effectively reduce hand rotation* and supports easier insertion and positioning of endoscopic devices.
  • Extra-large 3.2 mm Working Channel: Provides greater suction capability for therapeutic procedures performed by pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons.
  • High-resolution Image:  Excellent image quality comparable to our previous generation model of the same size.
  • Electronic Magnification: Close-up observation of bronchial surfaces is readily available with 1.2 x and 1.5 x electronic magnification.
*When compared to the BF-180 series.


Channel Width: 
3.2 mm
Working Length: 
60 cm
Field of View: 
Direction of View: 
0° Forward Viewing
Depth of Field: 
2-50 mm
Outer Diameter: 
6.1 mm
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 
6.3 mm
Max Angulation Up: 
Max Angulation Down: 
Max Angulation Right: 
120° with Rotary Function
Max Angulation Left: 
120° with Rotary Function